Caltrans District 8 Strategic Direction Development

Development of a Five-Year Strategy


Caltrans District 8 recognized the need for a strategic direction that would create the foundation for setting priorities and making decisions over the next five years.

The plan would address opportunities and challenges through tangible goals, objectives, strategies, actions and implementation plans. It would be structured to support and operationalize the Caltrans Strategic Management Plan and the newly minted mission, vision, and goals.

The District 8 Strategic Direction Initiative was formed through the joint efforts of executives and a multi-discipline team working towards developing a five-year plan for the District.

Role & Duration
  • OBJECTIVEStrategic Planning
  • TEAM15 person technical committee

The Objective

  • Develop a 5-year Strategic Direction for District 8
workshops to develop district values
objectives identified

The Solution

  • VMS created a workplace profile for District 8 to better understand the current and desired culture
  • Developed a District 8 mission statement to guide the Strategic Direction
  • Developed six specific goals to guide the Strategic Direction
  • Clarified six strategic issues to be addressed

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