King County Wastewater Treatment Division

King County WTD seeks to protect public health and enhance the environment by collecting and treating wastewater while recycling valuable resources for the Puget Sound region.
Portfolio Management
Project Controls
Business Process Improvement
Training Seminars
Services Provided
  • Project Controls Program Development
  • Portfolio Managment
  • Summits
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Risk Analysis
  • Training
Developing programmatic and technology solutions to manage value

Over the past 3 years, VMS has held multiple consultant services contracts with King County focused on value management of project performance, cost, schedule, and risk.

VMS is currently providing project control services on capital projects ranging from $500,000 to $100+ million across 17 Work Orders.

Our current efforts assist WTD in the development of their project framework as well as project controls and custom technology solutions to meet their organization’s needs.

“It is so nice to have a professional consultant working for us that cares about our organization and is helping us to improve our project management, project control and cost engineering practices and processes.”

~King County WTD