USACE Northwest Division Portland District Dredging Program

Value Engineering Study on Programmatic Dredging


The Portland Corps of Engineers keeps Oregon’s waterways safe and navigable through dredging sandbars and channel deepening. This ensures safe transport for more than $18 billion in waterborne commerce.

One of the missions of the Portland District is Navigation, which provides dredging support to other Corps of Engineers’ divisions and districts through their federal dredge fleet and West Coast Hopper Dredge contract.

The focus of the project was to identify process improvements for the Northwest Portland (NWP) Programmatic Dredging program.

  • OBJECTIVEValue Engineering Study
  • TEAM22 Core Team Members

The Objective

  • Identifying ways to efficiently and effectively manage processes to help reduce or eliminate waste
  • Improving the communication and coordination of dredging activities across the program
  • Ensuring that the funding process will be understood and managed consistently across the program
program areas reviewed
navigable river miles

The Solution

  • The VE team developed 117 individual suggestions categorized into 19 themes.
  • Suggestions were characterized by the following types: people, position, product and/or process. Some ideas have multiple categories.
  • Each suggestion was prioritized by when work would start for each suggestion

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