VMS King County VMSPro® Portfolio Management Program Development

VMS is providing technology solution development, process improvement, customized training seminars, and portfolio management services for WTD. Portfolio management efforts have recently been initiated to assist WTD in the development of a portfolio management framework, business processes, and custom tailoring of best practices to the organization’s business needs.

The VMS Project Controls and Technology teams have partnered in this work to develop and implement an innovative suite of new tools (based on customization of VMSPro®) that will allow King County to more effectively assess, prioritize, select and monitor the projects being constructed under its capital program.

This exciting work is currently underway. The VMS team continues to make significant progress in process engineering, process implementation, organizational development, technical tools design, and organizational capacity building. The team is on track to release Version 1 of this suite of tools in January 2019. These tools will help support the various business processes required for successful and effective Portfolio Management that many staff members have spent countless hours developing at WTD.

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