What is a Summit?

Summits are focused on engaging large groups of stakeholders. More effective than just a “meeting” or usual “conference”, summits involve innovative designs and participant configurations to maximize interaction, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and engagement. Summits energize and inspire participants, motivating them towards change.

Typical Summit Process

A VMS Summit for Caltrans involves significant pre-work in order to create a memorable and effective event. Oftentimes, the summit is the culmination of months of preparation, including surveys, interviews and other data collection methods in order to gain a complete understanding of the “current state” of the organization, process or other summit topics.


  • Identify Project Sponsor(s)
  • Identify Steering Committee
  • Develop the project charter
  • Design and conduct surveys and interviews
  • Gather and analyze data as needed
  • Identify summit attendees
  • Coordinate summit logistics
  • Prepare handouts and other materials 

The Summit

  • A full-day or even multi-day event (with facilitators, steering committee, sponsors and the attendees)
  • Summits are a perfect venue for graphic recording 


  • Report preparation
  • Ongoing implementation activities driven by sponsors, steering committee and summit “champions”

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