VMS Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Most business processes have never truly been designed and engineered, rather they are developed and constructed via an evolutionary process of taking what has worked in the past and adjusting it to meet today’s needs. Those responsible for their development are often no longer around as these processes have endured for years. So knowledge of why a process exists in its current state is often anecdotal – and usually inaccurate. This also means that business processes at the heart of an organization drive activities that often dominate the operational costs and budget year after year, without any real understanding of what you are getting (how well your organization is performing) for what you spend.

Applying Value Methodology has proven itself time and again as a means to improve products and projects, but expanding its use to the business and organizational processes can result in even more significant improvements as it will help you to optimize your organizational resources. To do this, decisions must be made that balance performance, time, cost, and the related risks and uncertainties each of these factors have in the decision process. As management consultants, VMS knows that the best core tools to optimize the value of our clients’ business processes can be found in the Value Methodology. It is under this philosophy that VMS offers a number of services to enhance business processes, improve services, and control costs, all of which cover a broad range of applications.

Strategic Planning

VMS provides strategic planning consulting services to assist our clients in developing a cohesive, long-range direction for their organizations. VMS can help your organization clearly define its current state by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; define its core functions and help to prioritize these; envision its future organizational environment; define and enumerate its strategic priorities; develop meaningful performance measures; and develop business plans to support the organization’s strategic vision.

Key elements of any strategic plan include:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Performance Measures
  • Implementation Plan

Let VMS help your organization find its strategic vision.

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Performance Management

VMS collaborates with clients to drive innovation and performance on projects, programs and in the organization. Effective performance management requires the establishment of key performance metrics, clear definition of the rating of performance, and strategies for improvement on the measured performance metrics. VMS Performance Management services combine these criteria with careful analysis of the status quo and professional experience in driving success in an organization or project through targeted performance improvements.

We bring together world class technology and professional facilitation in our Performance Management for our clients. As an industry leader in Performance Management, VMS establishes clear definition or performance metrics and then utilizes the Analytic Hierarchy Process to prioritize those performance metrics. Once the baseline has been established, we work with clients to develop strategies and action plans for a continuous improvement approach. As time progresses, the performance metrics are tracked individually and detailed status updates are provided. This data helps to provide information of not only how a project, program, or organization is performing, but also how it has evolved through time and come to reside at its current state. By establishing clear metrics, tracking them, and executing strategies for continuous improvement, VMS helps clients achieve a high performing state.

No matter what the strategic direction or ultimate goals of a project, program, or organization are, VMS offers a proven Performance Management approach to moving in the desired strategic direction. Using a targeted, process oriented approach VMS can help clients to effectively identify, measure, and track the key performance metrics that will foster performance minded success in any time horizon.

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Decision Analysis

Making decisions is no clear cut exercise in today’s dynamically changing world. Often, there are many factors to consider with a wide range of potential outcomes. To help our clients make informed decisions in consideration of our evolving environment, VMS uses a systematic, quantitative, and visual approach to addressing and evaluating important choices confronted by businesses, agencies, and organizations. Through our consensus building approach and state-of-the art tools and techniques, VMS helps clients avoid the common pitfalls of “analysis paralysis”. Over-thinking and analyzing a decision to the point that no decision can be made is one negative outcome that VMS routinely helps its clients overcome.

VMS performs decision analysis for business process streamlining, organizational design, capital investments, infrastructure improvements, building and facility design, and optimization of projects and programs.  Our industry-leading best practices and value-based approach help clients make tough decisions that consider all features of performance, costs, time, and risk. Performing decision analysis utilizes a variety of tools to evaluate all relevant information in the decision-making process. And VMS ensures that the right tools are applied in making those tough decisions. From presenting graphical representations of alternatives and possible solutions, as well as challenges and uncertainties, VMS helps leading organizations create consensus on a path forward.

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Continuous Process Improvement

All organizations must evolve and improve if they are to remain relevant and continue to provide good value to their customers.  VMS provides continuous process improvement consulting services to our clients to assist them in optimizing the value of their internal business processes that support the delivery of the products, services and projects they deliver to their customers.

VMS incorporates a variety of approaches and techniques in delivering continuous process improvement to its clients.  At the core of these resides the focus on maximizing value.  VMS incorporates the best elements from a variety of process improvement approaches including Value Engineering, Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality Management, and Risk Management and is able to synthesize these into highly effective solutions.

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Process & Procedures Studies

With business processes and organizational functionality integrating more closely than ever, the opportunities for value improvement in organizations is ever increasing as scalability and complexities rise. In order to address such concerns, the Value Methodology provides an excellent organized method of analysis and transfer of organizational benefit across multiple tiers. Exploring new insights into performing successful process value engineering studies for public and private organizations offers unique challenges and issues associated with studying and improving organizational processes, as well as implications of asset and resource management.

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