Value Management

VMS’s Value Management services help our customers enhance value on their capital projects and improve their business processes. Through the use of the value methodology, VMS supports organizations more effectively utilize organizational resources by identifying and removing unnecessary costs, improving upon critical performance criteria, and ensuring alignment with broader organizational goals and objectives.

Our Value Management services can be applied to products, manufacturing processes, administrative procedures, and the design and construction of infrastructure and facilities.

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Value Engineering Services VMS Offers:

Value Engineer/Value Analysis Project Studies
Value Engineering studies are an effective technique to optimize project value by balancing performance, cost, time, and risk. Most major capital improvement projects require VE studies to comply with federal (OMB Circular A-131) and state funding requirements due to its proven track record for yielding a large return on investment. VMS regularly delivers a return on investment as much as 100:1 or more for major public entities such as the California Department of Transportation. VMS team leaders have directed VE studies on over 2,000 design and construction projects since 1990. These projects have ranged in size from $400,000 to over $3 billion.

Each Value Analysis/Value Engineering study facilitated by VMS follows the six-phase, sequential Value Methodology Job Plan – Information, Function, Creativity, Evaluation, Development, and Presentation. VMS adds a seventh phase to our studies: Implementation. This step is the follow-through component that is vital in assisting organizations to realize the potential benefits identified in these studies.  VMS also includes the Value Metrics process, which emphasizes the interrelationship between performance, cost, time, and risk. The application of Value Metrics allows us to quantify and compare different alternatives in terms of how they contribute to overall value.

Design Charrette & Functional Analysis Concept Development (FACD) Studies
VMS facilitates Design Charrettes very early in project development to assist in the identification and resolution of challenges and issues relating to functionality, location, scope, and cost that may negatively impact the execution of a project.

FACDs are used to develop requirements and design concepts for new and renovated facilities. FACDs are most effective during the planning and design stages, ensuring that the unique cost, schedule, and budget elements of a project are properly aligned to meet user expectations while staying within known project constraints.

Constructability Review Studies
By reviewing the construction processes for all stages of a project before construction even begins, VMS helps our clients detect obstacles before they become a problem, saving time and money.

Decision Analysis Studies
VMS’s decision analysis work is a multi-step process that assists our clients in addressing and appraising important choices for their organizations. VMS uses a proprietary software platform and well-honed facilitation techniques to facilitate communication, validate, refine and optimize alternatives, improve value and establish the framework for continued success.

Value Engineering/Value Analysis Product Studies
VMS assists our clients to analyze and understand the competitive advantages of their products related to competing products. The process we use for product studies also establishes product improvement goals; stimulates innovation; and improves product functions, features, and attributes in direct competition with a competitor’s product.

Major companies VMS has provided product studies for include Alstom Power, Alto Shaam, Boston Scientific, Clark, Exide Technologies and General Electric. 

Value Analysis / Value Engineering Program Management & Development
Taking our expertise in value study facilitation a step farther, VMS also provides organizations the training and guidance to develop their own Value Analysis/Value Engineering programs. This enables organizations to manage the application of the value methodology as they deem most appropriate, resulting in direct control over such program elements as an assignment of resources to the value engineering effort, determination of candidate project selection criteria, and measurement and tracking of program performance metrics.

Value Analysis/Value Engineering Training
VMS provides specialized, specifically tailored group trainings. VMS has significant experience preparing hands-on training in all areas of value management. VMS knows how to prepare content, engage participants, and train individuals of all backgrounds to successfully apply new tools and techniques to their business through methods such as proof of concepts, piloting, and beta testing.