U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

VMS works with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts around the world in support of delivering the facilities necessary to support the mission of our Military. Projects include military facilities, infrastructure, education, healthcare, civil works, and planning, as well as process improvement. In addition to VE studies we conduct Value-Based Design Charrettes and Function Analysis Concept Development studies for USACE projects. Our Charrettes and FACDs integrate Value Engineering into a process which involves the base representatives, facility users, and design team refining the scope of the project to accomplish the mission, develop the project concept that can be constructed within the budget, and determine the appropriate delivery method for each specific project.

USACE says:

“VMS performed very well and provides very good value to the Government. Their response was timely, and they collaborated extensively with the large number of project stakeholders.”  – Alaska District

“VMS did a very good job working with the in-house design team…who commented that the risk discussion was the most meaningful they have had at the Corps.”  – Louisville District

“I would recommend using VMS in the future. They are one of the best Value Management firms in the country.”  – Omaha District

Sample Projects: