To help our clients solve difficult real-world problems, our experienced technology team has created VMSPro® and is currently developing additional tools: VMSPro® Risk and VMSPro® Portfolio to future assist our clients. Our software programs draw from VMS’s technical and practical expertise to create tools perfectly suited for your needs.

The VMSPro® family of products will help manage our clients’ value management, risk management, and portfolio programs by creating standardized platforms that are intuitive and simple to incorporate into existing business processes.

Helps facilitate value management and value engineering studies by guiding the development of projects, products, and processes of all shapes and sizes, successfully helping to maximize limited resources.

VMSPro® Risk
VMS is currently developing this tool that will record and analyzed a project’s risks to help guide decisions and provide alternatives.

VMSPro® Portfolio
This tool is currently under development and will help manages large and complex portfolios of projects and programs, by tracking deliverables, coordinating communications and streamlining workflow processes.

Our software is customizable for each client and can be used for any size or type of project. Visit our VMSPro® website to see how our tool can help you.