Value Management Strategies



VMS E-Learning Training

VMS offers exciting and innovative courses that will provide learners from any discipline a knowledge base in Value Engineering, Value Methodology, Risk Management, or our own Value Metrics. As a PMI® Registered Education Provider, several of our courses are approved for Professional Development Units (PDUs).

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Our staff literally wrote the books on Value Optimization and Risk Management. Also, these books are used as the foundation for our training programs and the processes we proudly advance at VMS.

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The VMS Approach

To truly improve and optimize a project, our clients benefit most from a holistic approach of analysis and assessment of all of the factors in the VMS approach. This is what allows VMS to deliver solutions that can optimize the value of their projects and business. VMS services and techniques are structured to address all or any part of the value optimization process and designed to assist at any time, from project planning through implementation.

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Value Metrics

Developed by VMS and continuously refined as one of our core techniques, Value Metrics provides a standardized means of identifying, defining, evaluating, and measuring performance. Once this has been achieved and costs for all value alternatives have been developed, measuring value is a relatively simple matter.

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Value Optimization

Value is composed of four elements, each of which asks an important question:
How well? How much? How long? How certain?
Value optimization requires answers to these questions in the form of good alternatives to choose from.

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What is value leadership?

Value leadership means integrating the Value Methodology into our core technique to help our clients optimize the projects, products, and services they deliver. It means offering the framework to solve virtually any problem and optimize the value of any project. It means being structured specifically to address managing, planning, coordinating, facilitating, and documenting comprehensive value improvement studies. It means managing value, risk, performance, decision analysis, cost and economic modeling, probabilistic estimating, and training (live and e-Learning). It means knowing when each of these is necessary to optimize value. That’s value leadership, and that’s VMS.

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