ST3 Programmatic Risk Assessment

VMS conducted a Programmatic Risk Assessment workshop for potential Sound Transit 3 (ST3) projects. This risk workshop team was comprised of Sound Transit personnel, led by VMS, and supported by Ott-Sakai & Associates. ST3 represented the next set of mass transit investments that was presented to the voters in a ballot measure in November 2016. With expanded light rail, commuter rail, and express bus service, ST3 would provide more congestion-free mass transit alternatives to people throughout the region. 

VMS facilitated risk assessment workshops, during which 30 projects were selected for presentation, assessment, and risk quantifications. A validation of cost estimates was also performed for each project in order to further improve the confidence of the conceptual cost estimates.

Study Objectives

  • Review candidate projects in an effort to provide information to assist decision makers involved in assembling the program suite of projects for the ST3 ballot measure.
  • Develop a shared level of individual project scope of understanding amongst the participants.
  • Identify, validate, analyze, and quantify project risks as they relate to cost and schedule.
  • Improve the level of confidence in the project cost information.

Study Outcomes

  • The qualitative risk assessment identified a total of 275 risks across the 30 potential ST3 portfolio projects evaluated.
  • VMS developed five key risk categories – design, construction, environmental/permitting, right-of-way/utilities and public/stakeholders that were considered during the risk assessment. 

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