Sound Transit

VMS provides Sound Transit a well-integrated and meaningful suite of services including facilitation of VE studies, Constructability Reviews, Risk Assessment, and Project Control services.  Our efforts have been successful at providing solutions, savings, and strategies to help Sound Transit manage an expanding portfolio of projects required to service the fast-growing Puget Sound region. 

On-Call Consultant Services for Project Review VMS provides value management, process improvement, decision analysis, constructability review, and other project control services on an as-needed basis for Sound Transit. Services are provided in various workshop formats reliant on strong partnerships and collaboration between Sound Transit, project stakeholders and independent experts in transit infrastructure project delivery.

Sound Transit 3 Program Development VMS provided project management and estimating services after Sound Transit tasked us with validating heavy civil transit infrastructure project cost estimates, conducting risk analyses, and developing adequate project contingencies for the prospective portfolio of projects comprising Sound Transit 3 (ST3) program. Efforts are focused on minimizing the risk exposure identified in the program by providing validated cost estimates and risk-based contingency estimates.

Sound Transit says: “VMS offers unparalleled vertical knowledge in engineering and construction that allows them to collaborate with us to optimize the Value of our projects by considering performance, cost, time, and risk.”

Sample Projects: