Sound Transit Design Guidance

VMS conducted a VA study reviewing a variety of Sound Transit design guidance documents in an effort to improve their effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the supporting processes. The reviewed documents included:

  • Design Criteria Manual
  • Engineering Design Procedures Manual
  • Quality Assurance Program Plan
  • Design Quality Plan

These documents are absolutely essential in providing design guidance to both internal Sound Transit staff as well as to consultants and third parties. Sound Transit executive management within the Design, Engineering, and Construction Management Division initiated this VA study in an effort to identify ways to enhance this guidance while eliminating unnecessary time and cost from the project delivery process.

The VA study included a number of workshops, meetings, and activities. During these meetings, the key issues were discussed, and a SWOT analysis was performed. This information was then used during the VA study to help the VA team focus on the key issues that were felt to be adding time and/or cost to the design process. In addition, a review of the Non-Conformance and Construction Deviation Request Logs was performed.

Study Objectives

  • Perform an objective, multi-discipline review of existing Sound Transit design guidance.
  • Identify issues related to these documents, especially those that are adding unnecessary time and/or cost to the project delivery process.
  • Identify recommendations that will improve the value of the project delivery process.

Study Outcomes

  • A total of 313 individual possible modifications/ideas to Sound Transit design guidance were organized under 28 VA alternatives or “themes.”

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