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Learn how to apply value optimization techniques to project and manage performance, dramatically increasing results and efficiency for your team. Copies of books and publications are available by request.

Published Books

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The Manual of Value Methodology
This book presents methodology applied with hundreds of clients across a range of industries.
  • Filled with practical facilitation and implementation tips
  • Presents a cohesive theory, structured framework, and diverse toolset
  • Walks you through the value methodology process, showing you how to transform the way a product or process is perceived
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Risk Management for Design and Construction
This book uses clear, straightforward terminology to demystify the concepts of project uncertainty and risk.
  • Integrated cost and schedule risk analysis
  • An introduction to a ready-to-use system of analyzing a project’s risks and tools to proactively manage risks
  • Case studies and examples on the proper application of principles

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  • How VE and Decision Analysis are Improving Mobility across Borders
  • Organization Aging and the Role of Value Methodology
  • The Application of Function Analysis System Technique for Program Management
  • Uncertainty Modeling in Multiple Dimensions for Value Methodology
  • Application of Value Engineering to Organization Development
  • Function Driven Risk Management
  • The Application of Value Profiling on Public Projects: An Examination of the California Department of Transportation’s Performance Measures Process
  • Why Some Teams Click
  • Creativity: A Key to Value Study Success
  • Using Value Methodology and Value Metrics to Enhance and Streamline Multi-criteria Decision Analysis
  • Application of Value Methodology to Organizational Processes
  • Power to the People: Decentralizing the Budget Decision
  • Economies of Creativity: The Future of Value Creation