Online Courses

Learn at your own pace.

Several of our key courses are available in an interactive e-learning environment and the training scheduled a few hours a week.

Most of these courses are flexible, self-paced and can typically be completed within a few weeks.

Online Courses

Online Course
Intro to Value Metrics

Learn how to define and measure performance, understand cost and performance as it relates to function, enhance the analysis of functions by targeting performance deficiencies, and more.

Online Course
Intro to Functional Analysis

Emphasis is placed on helping learners become more proficient in the application of the Function Analysis System Technique, which is commonly referred to as FAST diagramming.

Online Seminar
Value Methodology: A Project Manager’s Overview

Major processes, techniques and applications will be covered in this course, and practical examples will be provided in the areas of design, construction, manufacturing and business process improvement.