Project Controls

Our Project Controls team works closely with clients to formulate projects, develop estimates and schedules, track resources and manage risks to ensure that their projects are on a successful path to meet target objectives and goals that align with stakeholder expectations.

VMS develops program concepts, business plans, improved project delivery processes and procedures, capital concept estimates, as well as providing project management, contract management, schedule support, decision analysis support, training and project control services that are adapted to address specific challenges our clients face.

VMS is currently supporting some of the largest public and government agencies in the United States to streamline and enhance their project development and delivery processes for billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure and vertical construction. Supporting project owners through the innovation, customization, tailoring of services and training provided by the VMS team empowers project teams to succeed.

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Project Control Services VMS Offers:

Project Controls Program Development
VMS assists our clients in the formulation, development, and enhancement of their emergent or existing Project Controls. We gather, manage and analyze information to make decisions that will positively influence the outcome of their projects with deep technical knowledge and expertise in scope, schedule, cost/budget, performance and quality management tools and techniques. Using principles founded in value management, our experts use their vertical knowledge to integrate strategic process improvement methods at all levels within an organization to ensure sustainable success and implementable results for the creation or enhancement of their Project Controls.

Program and Project Management Support
The VMS team’s Program and Project Management approach and techniques employ a methodology developed after years of industry experience in a variety of private and public sector industries. We develop detailed project plans that are continually updated and used to help our clients successfully manage and guide day-to-day delivery activities.

Cost Estimating
Our team brings expert knowledge in cost estimating based on effective best practices from the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International and the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA). We use our experience and proven methods to create cost estimates for all stages and phases of project delivery. We start with conceptual estimating for the purposes of capital allocation early in the project life cycle. As the project progresses, VMS updates and creates increasingly detailed estimates as data becomes available. VMS also uses risk-based estimating practices so that sufficient contingency amounts and allowances can be estimated using statistical analysis and confidence intervals. This ultimately ensures a high degree of confidence that projects can be delivered at or below the estimated costs.

VMS employs a sophisticated approach to scheduling to deliver projects on time using industry-leading tools and techniques. Schedule development starts during the concept and design development stages. As the project evolves, the VMS team will develop the sequence, logic, and manpower requirements for the most efficient and cost-effective means of delivering a project. Our clients benefit from an efficient process where best practices and technology are shared through our scheduling technical experts, which includes individuals with experience in engineering and construction companies.

Risk Analysis & Risk Management
VMS can assist our clients in all facets of risk analysis and risk management, from developing an effective risk management framework, implementing proper data management tools, qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing cost and schedule risk, forecasting economic uncertainties, developing a risk management plan, to implementing active risk monitor and control programs. We routinely facilitate risk workshops to help clients understand their program and project uncertainties more clearly. We use industry-leading tools and techniques, including our internally-developed VMSPro® software, to clearly analyze and communicate uncertainties and risks to our clients. Our capabilities with various types of qualitative and quantitative risk modeling helps our clients truly understand the probabilities, impacts and risk exposure so that they can better respond to risks, manage and deliver their programs and projects.

Earned Value Management Planning and Reporting
VMS delivers Earned Value Management (EVM) based on generating and sharing useful information to aid in the decision-making process. Our approach ensures all project controllers, support staff, and technical leads are trained in and employ project management best practices. We generate time-phased budgets, collect actual costs and schedule, and track performance utilizing integrated tools. The VMS team generates earned value metrics and analyzes variances to identify issues and potential risks. Our expertise and services enable our clients to utilize forward-looking EVM metrics to successfully deliver programs and projects.

The VMS team is highly experienced in facilitation and training in a variety of fields. Cost estimation, project control, change management, trend analysis, and risk management as it relates to program and project value optimization, and risk assessment
are all frequent topics of the training seminars VMS is hired to develop and conduct. Each training workshop contains content that helps participants better understand the relationships between project owners and how to support stakeholders through effective communication strategies.

We have conducted such training courses for public agencies and private sector clients to support their development of improvement Project Controls practices, tools, and techniques. Since our formation in 1990, VMS has conducted more than 200 training sessions on program and risk management topics around the world. Training programs developed and taught by VMS staff include web-based platforms, in-person training seminars that range from one to five days in length, and virtual training seminars using state-of-the-art custom developed online training platforms.

Economic & Financial Analysis
VMS offers a wide array of economic and financial analysis services that allow our clients to make informed decisions. VMS experts provide a holistic picture to leaders and decisions makers by informing them of key data and information that drives markets. We routinely develop escalation studies, forecast models, and conduct financial reporting and analysis to support our clients in the effective and efficient delivery of their programs and projects.