Process Improvement

VMS has helped Caltrans develop a customer-centric methodology that is applied in a structured way to continuously improve business processes through the identification of high-value business and organizational functions and elimination of unwanted functions. This set of techniques applies Value Management (VM) to business process and organizational value improvement.  Engineering, design, and industrial manufacturing problems focus on physical concepts, plans, drawings, and mechanized operations, whereas business and organizational challenges focus on process flow and resources such as personnel, budgets, capital equipment, process time, and functional structure. 

To be successful in applying VM to such organizational challenges requires strong communication skills, especially as it relates to facilitation, elicitation, analysis, and helping participants gain a shared understanding of the underlying issues. 

Typical Process Improvement Framework

A Caltrans Process Improvement effort typically includes the following activities:


  • Define focus for improvement
  • Prepare and analyze data
  • Identify project sponsor(s)
  • Identify workshop participants


  • Two, 3-day workshops 


  • Implementation meeting

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