Pit River Bridge Decision Analysis Study

Caltrans was planning on initiating a feasibility study to evaluate alternatives to either rehabilitate the Pit River Bridge or abandon using the existing bridge for highway traffic and construct a new bridge for such purposes. There were six potential alternatives under consideration. Due to the resource-intensive nature of performing feasibility studies, especially for a project of this size and complexity, it was decided that a preliminary screening effort was needed to reduce the six alternatives.

Using the Value Metric approach, VMS develop quantitative values for performance, cost and time (schedule). In addition, the team performed a risk analysis of the various alternatives, which provided additional information relative to the degree of uncertainty and potential impacts to cost, schedule and the expected performance of each.

Study Objectives

  • Evaluate the six options relative to the best value.
  • Make a formal recommendation to focus the forthcoming Feasibility Study and optimize the expenditure of resources.

Study Outcomes

  • Two alternatives were identified to carry into the feasibility analysis phase for further evaluation and development.
  • Recommended the constructability and maintainability of the foundations be explored first.

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