New Rikers Island Facility

New Rikers Island Facility, New York

A VE study, facilitated by VMS and sponsored by the City of New York Office of Management and Budget (OMB), was conducted for the New Rikers Island Facility in New York, New York from May 6 to 10, 2013. Under the Capacity Replacement Plan, the New Rikers Island facility is needed to replace the existing modular units at Rikers Island. The housing units, built during the 1980s as a short-term solution to the shortage of housing for a rapidly growing inmate population, have reached the end of their useful life.

The New York Department of Corrections (DOC) plans to replace existing modular housing units at Rikers Island with a new 1,537-bed jail.  The new jail is expected to be energy-efficient and cost-effective, incorporate the latest jail management best practices, and feature a centralized admission and discharge center. The concept for the new facility – providing centralized screening and evaluation for new arrivals as a basis for housing assignment that accounts for both risk and need; providing a normative direct supervision environment where the expectation of normal (i.e., orderly and respectful) behavior – is created through the use of positive environmental design that provides sunlight, good lines of sight, acoustic dampening, air conditioning year round, and the use of security glass in lieu of steel bars, creating a new environment that has shown to reduce violence, reduce absenteeism, and improve morale. The facility will also include an infirmary for all male detainees.

Rikers Island Baseline
Baseline/Originally Planned
Detainee Circulation Pattern

The VE team developed 38 alternatives for improvement of the project.  In addition, 9 design suggestions and one estimate correction were identified. A cost estimate reconciliation was also performed as part of the VE effort. The design and VE team estimators compared their independently developed cost estimates and reconciled the two. The total construction cost is currently estimated at $553,651,569 for the Jail Facility and $13,490,454 for the Central Property Storage, including Rikers Island Factor of $14M for the Jail Facility and $1M for Central Property Storage. With the addition of a 5% construction contingency and $7,500,000 for furnishings, fixtures and equipment, the total construction cost increases to $605,479,000.

Rikers Island Alternative
VE Alternative PD-3:
VE Team’s Proposed Alternative Detainee Circulation

Construction Cost $605,479,000 

VE Initial Cost Savings Proposed $139,444,000 

VE Life-Cycle Cost Savings Proposed $64,242,000

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