USACE Huntsville Center of Expertise Programs

USACE Center of Excellence Programs
USACE Huntsville Center of Excellence Programs

The primary goal of this VE study was to analyze the individual purposes and needs of five associated programs at the USACE Huntsville Center of Expertise and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of each by focusing the team’s experience and knowledge on the following tasks:

  • Analyze functions for existing procedures and processes
  • Identify and remedy any program constraints
  • Document program cost savings and cost avoidances where possible
  • Document qualitative program improvements



A number of key factors were identified and considered during this VE study to identify possible improvements. These factors included:

  • Providing effective program management and guidance
  • Coordination of contracts, projects, and resources
  • Maintaining quality customer relationships
  • Maintaining and/or improving contracting capabilities
  • Maintaining in-house skill sets
  • Enhancing internal and external USACE communication
  • Ensuring compliance



The VE team recommended unique value strategies for each program, which drew upon 20 alternatives developed during the study. These strategies were accepted by USACE and are expected to provide operational cost savings and performance improvements for each program. The operational savings for the five programs total $6.9 million out of a combined program budget of $47 million over the next 5 years. The individual performance improvement for each program resulting from the accepted VE alternatives ranged between 7% to 61%. The net value improvement for each program, when including both the expected cost savings and the anticipated performance improvements, are expected to range between 27% to 84% of total value improvement and comparing to the starting operational baseline.


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