Caltrans SHOPP Project Initiation Document Process Improvement Study

Caltrans HQ Division of Planning was tasked to reduce costs and inefficiencies related to project delivery. Prior to the study, there were more than ten different types of State Highway Operation & Protection Program (SHOPP) Project Initiation Documents (PID). The process was viewed as too cumbersome and led to unnecessary project costs and/or schedule delays, which jeopardized funding for PID development.


  • Process Mapping
  • Performance Metrics
  • Function Analysis
  • VA Brainstorming, Evaluation & Alternative Development
  • Developed consensus and clarified functions of the PID process with stakeholders statewide
  • Developed 12 VA Alternatives for change; once implemented, benefits will include:
  • Streamlined process – a single PID with 3 flexible levels of documentation
  • Streamlined environmental documentation for smaller projects
  • Standardized project billing procedures
  • Clarified resource allocations and tasks among departments
  • Standardized scalable contingency ranges to improve cost estimating
  • Raised awareness and involvement of PMs early in project development
  • Streamlined review processes state-wide

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