VMS Business Process Improvement

Caltrans Office of Business and Economic Opportunity Organizational Analysis

As part of a Caltrans‐wide effort to improve efficiency and cost‐effectiveness OBEO engaged in an organizational assessment and business process review to identify opportunities for streamlining business practices.

Caltrans OBEO Organizational Analysis
  • Discussion of Organizational Norms
  • Work Breakdown
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Influence Matrices
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Interviews
  • Function Analysis, VA Brainstorming,
  • Evaluation & Alternative Development
  • Mission Statement & Goals Development

Eleven VA Alternatives for change were developed during the VA study. Three alternatives were accepted in full and the remaining eight were accepted in part or with modifications. In most cases, nearly half of the elements within a given alternative were accepted. Overall, acceptance of these alternatives will result in:

  • Significant streamlining of outreach efforts
  • Stronger approach to compliance/enforcement (including the creation of a whistleblower program)
  • Greater emphasis on customer service and working with stakeholders
  • Improved internal communication
  • More equitable business practices among offices and units
  • A re‐imagined, more integrated and balanced organizational structure
“It certainly has been a real pleasure working with you. Your guidance, counsel and products have been a tremendous help to me, and my team. Thank you!” ‐ OBEO Assistant Director

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