Caltrans California Bridges & Structures Strategic Direction

The State of California is faced with an ever growing number of challenges that influence the ability to effectively manage bridges and structures. Caltrans has taken the first step in drafting a Bridges and Structures Strategic Direction for the purpose of improving mobility in California by delivering and managing bridges and structures that are safe, durable, and cost-effective through leadership, innovation, and efficient delivery.


Caltrans California Bridges & Structures Strategic Direction

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Influence Matrices
  • Function Analysis
  • Prioritization of Functions
  • Development of:
    • Mission Statement, Values
    • Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

The Strategic Plan identifies 12 objectives that directly address existing Caltrans strategic goals and 25 strategies to achieve these. The expected outcomes of the plan:

  • Integrated planning, design, construction, and maintenance decision‐making regardless of the method of procurement or implementing agency
  • Consistent and appropriate quality and management of risk
  • Reduced project delivery costs and delays
  • Maximized asset service performance and minimized total life-cycle costs
  • Improved resources and tools, including people skills
  • Effective use of research, new materials and emerging technologies

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