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Our Clients

We help our clients improve value and manage risk. So whether your project is a multibillion dollar transportation project, manufactured product, or internal business process, VMS has the right people and tools to help you improve upon it. Let VMS help you get the most value from your project, process, or product line.

Design & Construction

VMS team leaders have directed value studies on over 2,000 design and construction projects since 1990. These projects have ranged in size from $400,000 to over $3 billion and include transportation/highway projects; government buildings; waterfront projects (piers, wharves, jetties and dredging); environmental restoration projects; water resource projects (dams, fish facilities, levees); UXO and environmental cleanup projects; maintenance facilities; various military and training facilities and schools; warehouses; complex laboratories and clean rooms; water and wastewater treatment plants, collection systems, distribution systems, and outfalls; nuclear facilities; airfields; industrial buildings; municipal facilities; and mass transportation projects.

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Business Process Improvement

With business processes and organizational functionality integrating more closely than ever, the opportunities for value improvement in organizations is ever increasing as scalability and complexities rise. In order to address such concerns, the Value Methodology provides an excellent organized method of analysis and transfer of organizational benefit across multiple tiers. Exploring new insights into performing successful process value engineering studies for public and private organizations offers unique challenges and issues associated with studying and improving organizational processes, as well as implications of asset and resource management.

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Though Value Analysis is currently perceived as squarely the domain of the construction industry, it was actually developed and refined for the manufacturing of physical products. But don’t be fooled – the Value Analysis process is still widely performed in the manufacturing sector today. In fact, many global manufacturers of everything from vacuums to spark plugs have VA programs in place to ensure the greatest value for their products.

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