Organization Effectiveness

Caltrans recognizes that regular review of organization structure is key to maintaining effectiveness. In large, complex organizations, with multiple reporting pathways and sometimes unclear delegated authority, evaluating organization structure and determining the most effective reporting structure is a worthwhile exercise. 

VMS’s organization effectiveness efforts for Caltrans involve a review of the current organization structure, current job descriptions, current products and services, and programmatic functions. Using a qualified workshop team of experts from within the organization, these items are analyzed and recommendations for improvements are developed. 

Data collection is a key component of this process. Interviews with internal and external stakeholders, internal surveys, and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis help to develop a holistic view of the current organization functioning in order to pinpoint opportunities for value improvement. 

Typical Organization Effectiveness Study Process

A Caltrans Organization Effectiveness effort typically includes the following activities:


  • Identify Project Sponsor(s)
  • Identify workshop team
  • Develop the project charter with the project sponsor(s)
  • Hold a kick-off meeting with the workshop team to review the charter
  • Gather and analyze data (SWOT, surveys, interviews, etc.)


  • Two, 3-day workshops


  • Implementation meeting

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