Organization Development & Effectiveness

VMS’s Organization Development & Effectiveness team assists our clients in streamlining business practices, improving services, and improving alignment and engagement through a broad range of applications and tools. Our consultant facilitators work with internal teams to develop recommendations for process improvements and identify methods to optimize workflow, maximize communication, and address major issues the client identifies. The end result is high-impact solutions with built-in buy-in and ownership of results the organization can carry forward with confidence.

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Organization Development & Effectiveness services we offer:

Business Process Improvement
VMS uses a customer-centric methodology that is applied in a structured way to continuously improve business processes through the identification of high-value business and organizational functions and elimination of unwanted functions. This set of techniques applies Value Management (VM) to business process and organizational value improvement to help our clients design and engineer optimized business processes.

Organization Effectiveness
Our team of consultants gather data, conduct interviews, deploy surveys and analyze a group’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a holistic view of the current organization. VMS then works with internal teams to pinpoint opportunities for value improvement. Finally, we conduct implementation planning to streamline the roll-out of changes and reduce downtime during transitional phases.

VMS’s summits are focused on engaging large groups of stakeholders. More effective than just a “meeting” or usual “conference”, summits involve innovative designs and participant configurations to maximize interaction, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and engagement. Summits energize and inspire participants, motivating them towards change. VMS engages in significant pre-work in order to create a memorable and effective event. Oftentimes, the summit is the culmination of months of preparation, including surveys, interviews and other data collection methods in order to gain a complete understanding of the “current state” of the organization, process or other summit topics.

Business Planning
Business Planning helps organizations allocate its resources in a way that align with the larger strategic goals and objectives.  VMS leads this decision-making process and works with different elements of an organization to make collective decisions about priorities and how they shall work together.  This business planning effort improves transparency and accountability by communicating roles and responsibilities relative to meeting performance targets over a finite period.

Strategic Planning
VMS provides strategic planning consulting services to assist our clients in developing cohesive, long-range plans for their organizations. VMS can help your organization clearly define its current state by identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; define core functions and facilitate prioritization of them; envision its future organizational environment; define and enumerate its strategic priorities; develop meaningful performance measures; and develop business plans to support the organization’s strategic vision.

Change Management & Implementation
Using a wide variety of tools and practices, we help our clients assess, prepare, plan, implement, and sustain organization-wide changes. By providing support through the entire process, we set our clients up for continued success.