VMS launching VMSPro® Total Value Management System

VMS is pleased to announce the development of its new Total Value Management System, VMSPro®, launching in March 2016. VMSPro® is designed to help organizations manage their internal Value Management (VM) programs by managing the performance, cost, schedule and risks of their projects, products, and services and supporting Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) efforts. VMSPro® offers a suite of invaluable tools, including powerful decision modeling and options analysis; function analysis; risk analysis; creativity tools; VM alternative development; and implementation tracking and reporting. The web-based platform supports both live and virtual teams, perfect for large organizations that are geographically dispersed.

Stay tuned for a more detailed look into VMSPro™, or contact us for more information about VMS’s innovations in optimizing value for your organization.

VMS welcomes new Value Experts

VMS is starting 2016 with a rather big bang. We’ve added to our team several new team leaders, facilitators, and value experts to offer our clients specialized service covering an even more diverse spectrum of applications.

We’re pleased to welcome Jeff Rude, CVS®. Jeff has worked as a consultant, facilitator, and Value Specialist since 2003 helping public sector and private organizations manage and improve the value of their projects and ongoing operations. He is experienced in design and construction, product and service innovation, strategic investments, and cash flow optimization.

In addition, one of our long-time support staff members, April Hiller, has also recently been certified as a Value Specialist and will bring her 7 years experience at VMS to bear as a Value Manager.

VMS is also happy to welcome a new Assistant Value Manager, Allegra Keith. Allegra is currently pursuing a Masters in Organization Development and possesses several years experience at a former OD firm.

VMS looks forward to what will surely be a banner year of providing world-class service to our current clients and reaching out to new ones.

VMS Utilizes @RISK to Offer Clients a Roadmap to Managing Risk on Projects and Programs

Palisade, creator of the risk software and decision analysis software, recently interviewed Greg Brink, VMS’s Director of Risk Management and Economics, in a case study about how we’ve used @RISK software to guide clients in systematically identifying, qualifying, and quantifying risks while effectively communicating their potential impact on the project performance, budget, and schedule.

“Many of VMS’ clients are looking to deliver projects, implement processes or produce innovative products in specific verticals in a volatile and uncertain world. To successfully complete such projects, they turn to VMS to analyze the uncertainty and risk that exists in various projects and to develop risk response strategies and action plans that maximize opportunities and minimize threats. In this capacity, the VMS’ utilization of Monte Carlo simulation through @RISK helps to support the decision-making process, as well as offer a more granular understanding of the nature of uncertainties being characterized. Clarity of the likelihood and exposures of risks can help to minimize delays and maximize efficient deployment of capital resources.”

Click here to read the full case study and see how VMS is innovating in the realm of risk management.

VMS President Rob Stewart lends his voice in new video on Value Engineering

Rob Stewart, President at VMS, was asked to contribute to SAVE International‘s® short video presentation on the history of Value Engineering and how it can be utilized to create better projects, products, and business processes. “It focuses on the concept of functions. So rather than thinking about what things are, we think about what things do.” This is the core of VMS’s business practice and something we incorporate into our services for every one of our clients, whether in the public sector or the private sector. “That’s where the opportunity is:  to find ways to deliver the basic functions in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Rob also spoke on the value of membership in SAVE International®, which certifies each of VMS’s Certified Value Specialists (CVS®) and Designated Value Associates (DVA®). “[It] is the preeminent organization in the world that… establishes standards for practice, provides educational training, provides a forum for practitioners and organizations that engage in Value Engineering activities to exchange information, to share information and knowledge, and to find ways to enhance the methodology and enhance the profession.”

VMS leads VE study to reduce water utility energy costs in the US-Mexico border region

The Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC) has become a key promoter of efforts to reduce water utility energy costs in the US-Mexico border region. In the September 2014 issue of Water Utility Management International, BECC, Tetra Tech, and VMS look at how energy auditing of treatment facilities can help identify opportunities to make cost savings. Read the full article here.

Learn more about VMS and #ValueEngineering at #IMTS2014 in Chicago at Booth E3141

VMS Chairman Terry Hays & CEO/President Rob Stewart at IMTS 2014

VMS is proud to share 1.5 million square feet of floor space with some of the best, brightest, and most advanced innovators at the largest Manufacturing Technology convention in the western hemisphere  – IMTS 2014. We’re here to show all in attendance how Value Analysis and Value Engineering can improve business processes, design processes, and of course, the products and services offered by manufacturers, job shops, and suppliers of all types, sizes, and industries. Come by Booth E-3141  to find out we can help you improve your business.


VMS Value Strategy

The answers to questions like “Why is this the way it is?” and “Why can’t we try a different way?” form the basis of all strategy. Our approach is founded on the tenacity to continually ask why in order to help our clients develop effective strategies and implement them to fully realize value.


Our clients look to us to help them innovate

VMS has the leadership, thinking, and approach to help our clients get the most out of their most valuable resource – their own people. Our clients look to us to help them innovate in the products and services they offer and the processes they use to achieve success.


To maintain sharp focus on total value, VMS adopts a broad vision. Our clients rely on this vision to help identify what is important in order to establish the right priorities. The sophisticated analytical tools and facilitation methods we employ help our clients manage risks appropriately and realistically and make decisions that will lead to better value.


Value Leadership Compass

Our passion for value keeps our clients coming back to VMS for support and direction in achieving their goals. At its core, VMS uses Value Methodology to help our clients improve the value of the projects, products, and services they deliver. The value framework demands attention to performance, cost, time, and risk and aligns these to customer priorities. It’s this framework that can solve virtually any problem and optimize the value of any project. Let us help guide you in the direction of success for your project, process, or organization.

The continued success of our value studies is founded on the ability of our people to create an effective environment for large and small group communications. VMS is accustomed to working with projects that involve stakeholders representing a myriad of entities including military, public municipality, regulatory, and project management. Conflicting agendas and miscommunication are commonplace in such settings, and VMS is expert in providing a structural framework for these challenges to be transformed into opportunities that deliver improved value for the specific project or program as a whole. Our facilitators are trained in a variety of tools and techniques, but at the heart of this are the core facilitation skills of active listening and Socratic questioning. Our staff is accustomed to transitioning between the roles of facilitation, project management, and technically-versed communicator as the situation dictates.