Lynnwood Link Extension

The purpose of the Lynnwood Link Extension is to expand the Sound Transit Link light rail system from Northgate in Seattle north into Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood in Snohomish County. Upon the scheduled 2023 completion, the Lynnwood Station will be the northern-most point of a light rail system with more than 50 miles of service to the north, south, and east of Seattle. This VE study focused on the civil and structural elements of the guideway and the stations at Mountlake Terrace (MLT) and Lynnwood transit Center (LTC), including the large parking garage at LTC.

A number of analytical tools and techniques were applied during the study to develop a better understanding of the baseline concept. A major component of this analysis was Value Metrics which seeks to assess the elements of cost, performance, time and risk as they relate to project value.

As a result of these factors, VMS developed a VE strategy that represented the best combination of alternatives for the project to assist the decision-makers in their evaluation of the VE alternatives. The VE strategy was based on factors that included improved performance, likelihood of implementation, least community impact, cost savings, or any combination of the project’s performance attributes.

Study Objectives

  • Identify opportunities for value improvement.
  • Mitigate project risk.
  • Address constructability concerns.

Study Outcomes

  • The VE team developed 28 VE alternatives and design suggestions for improvement of the project.
  • The VE alternatives provided a 33% improvement in overall project value.
  • This value improvement represents the combined impacts of a 25% gain in project performance and a 4-month reduction in the project’s critical path schedule.

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