Louisville District Army Reserve Center

The project was for the construction of a 400-member ARC on 20 acres at JBLM. The purpose of this project was to improve mission readiness by consolidating three aging, inefficient and geographically separated facilities that also failed to comply with current AT/FP into one facility designed to support the current mission. The project was needed because Army Reserve units are currently assigned to facilities that were constructed in the mid-to-late 1950s and had not been significantly upgraded since initial construction.

Study Objectives

  • Validate the baseline design approach and identify value-improving alternatives to the current DB RFP.
  • Identify opportunities to both reduce the base bid and the number of bid options presented in the baseline cost estimate.
  • Identify and evaluate sustainability measures to achieve LEED Silver version 4.0.

Study Outcomes

  • The VE study resulted in the development of 22 VE alternatives. Of these, nine were accepted for implementation by the Project Development Team.
  • The savings offered in the VE alternatives, helped reduce the base bid estimate to below the Construction Cost Limitation (CCL) providing flexibility to move some highly desired bid options into the base bid.
  • VE team’s proposed elimination and clarification of certain bid options helped reduce the risk of unbalanced bids and bid protest.

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