King County

VMS is a King County registered Small Contractor and Supplier, and over the past 3 years, we have held several consultant services contracts focused on value management of project performance, cost, schedule, and risk. VMS is currently providing project control services on capital projects ranging from $500,000 to $100+ million across 17 Work Orders. In addition to the general scope of services, VMS is also providing technology solution development, process improvement, customized training seminars, and portfolio management services for WTD. Portfolio management efforts have recently been initiated to assist WTD in the development of a portfolio management framework, business processes, and custom tailoring of best practices to the organization’s business needs. VMS is employing the use of cost management principles, practices, tools, and techniques as part of the effort.

Our expertise applied to develop solutions for WTD centers around project delivery, cost management, and project control services, including the integration of strategic concept development methods using Value Methodology principles. We collaborate with WTD to develop program concepts, business plans, capital concept estimates, detailed engineering estimates, as well as provide project management, schedule support, project control services, and training. 

WTD says: “It is so nice to have a professional consultant working for us that cares about our organization and is helping us to improve our project management, project control, and cost engineering practices and processes.”

Sample Projects: