IDS Operability Assessment

VMS performed a Value Analysis (VA) study for the East Link Tie-In Single Tracking Operations at International District Station in Seattle, Washington.

Sound Transit’s mission is to plan, build, and operate mass transit service throughout central Puget Sound. The East Link Extension is a key element of the regional mass transit system approved by voters in 2008.

This 14-mile light rail line will benefit local communities and support regional growth with fast, frequent and reliable light rail service connecting Seattle to the Eastside’s biggest population and employment centers.

Study Objectives

  • Develop an Operations Plan.
  • Develop a Safety, Security, and Crowd Control Plan.
  • Develop a Communications Plan.
  • Identify Pre-Single Tracking Activities.
  • Start development of a Safety & Security Certifications Plan.

Study Outcomes

  • The VA team developed 96 alternatives to be incorporated in the draft plans.
  • The VA team evaluated these opportunities collectively and developed three draft plans to be utilized during Single Tracking operations including an Operations Plan, a Safety Security, & Crowd Control Plan, and a Communication Plan to be utilized during Single Tracking activities.
  • A list of pre-Single Tracking activities was developed as well as the beginnings of a Safety & Security Certifications Plan.

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