VMS Client Endorsements

Client Endorsements

VMS makes value our business. That’s why our work is only as valuable as the opinions of our clients. We have the utmost confidence that we can provide the same quality of service for your product, project, or process that our clients have described for theirs. Your value is our business.

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Since this was the first study that you all have done for Memphis District it was very important that all of this come together in good fashion and it did!

Mark Shirley, Value Engineering Officer, USACE Memphis District

Value Management Strategies, Inc. have been very responsive to the needs of the team, and instrumental to the success of the Geospatial Strategic Direction. [Their] approachable facilitation style helped focus the multi-disciplinary GSD technical team on common interests and challenges, and fostered an inclusive environment where all opinions were heard and valued. [They] introduced a range of analysis tools and techniques to the team that led to clearly defined team decisions.

James M. Appleton, Office Chief, Division of Engineering Services Office of Photogrammetry and Preliminary Investigation, Caltrans

[VMS’s] skills were instrumental when working with a very passionate group of professionals with diverse opinions.

Barton Newton, State Bridge Engineer, Caltrans

I must confess that I too began to wonder whether doing a VE study was going to be worthwhile once I discovered just how basic the work was. The VE team did such a great job and presented its findings so well that it left those concerned with the project on our end with few questions and tremendous respect for the VE Team’s accomplishment.

Jon Plymale, Value Engineering Officer, US Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

On this complex project with capital costs in excess of $400 million, the VA team identified potential cost savings of more than $100 million and duration savings of approximately 15 months… [VMS’s] facilitation efforts helped focus the multi-disciplinary team of engineers from Caltrans, VTA, and consultants on value-added solutions, while fostering an inclusive VA team environment for all participants.

Casey Emoto, Deputy Director of Project Development, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

[VMS] facilitated the successful delivery my Division’s Strategic Direction, which will benefit us for years to come.

Brent L. Green, Chief, Division of Right of Way and Land Surveys, Caltrans

I appreciate that your efforts kept the study and team focused on this issue and avoid project scope creep. The feedback we are getting…shows that the team and its leadership did a good job of defining the critical issues and solutions.

John C. McMillan, Deputy Division Chief of Engineering Services, Office Engineer, Caltrans

For myself and speaking on behalf of the Omaha District team members, we are very pleased with the outcome. I am looking forward to working with…VMS in the future.”

Richard Stricker, Value Engineering Officer, USACE Omaha District

With [VMS’s] leadership, the team validated the study objectives and developed the baseline concept by evaluating five performance attributes… At the conclusion of the study, [the VE] report was well-organized, thorough, and complete.”

Kris Kuhl, Assistant Division Chief, Division of Traffic Operations, Caltrans