Caltrans Project Delivery Document Management System Needs

While there were many systems being used for document management across the Districts and Capital Outlay Support (COS) Divisions, a single comprehensive solution did not exist within Caltrans. VMS’s VA study focused on identifying the functional needs of the COS Divisions, with a particular emphasis on project delivery. The purpose was to complete an investigation of the current functional needs and a prioritization of these needs

VMS’s study approach integrated Value Management (VM) and Functional Performance Specification (FPS) techniques into a series of meetings, breakout sessions and group works sessions. This effort entailed a multi-step process combining VM with data modeling, business analysis, FPS and decision analysis.

Study Objectives

  • Assess each COS Division’s current document management systems (DMS) and practices (identify risks, system commonalities, inconsistencies.)
  • Identify, analyze and prioritize key functional needs for document management.

Study Outcomes

  • Identified three primary strategies for improving and/or implementing a DMS including systems options, deployment/rollout options, and data migration options.
  • Identified and refined next steps to carry the effort forward.

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