Caltrans HQ Division of Construction Organization Structure

The HQ Division of Construction was facing a rapidly changing environment, volatility in workload, funding constraints, complex and shifting partnerships associated with delivering projects, staff turnover and loss of expertise, changing technology and siloed offices. VMS was tasked with eliciting direct feedback from Division of Construction, HQ and District personnel through a SWOT analysis, surveys, and interviews, for the purpose of evaluating the existing organizational structure and providing recommendations for improvement.

VMS performed a VA study analyzing the existing Division functions, organized by office, and evaluated opportunities for shifting these functions to other Division Offices in a way that would enhance their effectiveness. Further, the functions were organized in a way that would also support and enhance the various strategic initiatives outlined in the Divison of Construction Strategic Direction as well as the Project Delivery Strategic Direction.

Study Objectives

  • Evaluate the organization’s current state in the context of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Identify the existing structure of each Office and its functions.
  • Create a new Office of Information Technology for the HQ Division of Construction.
  • Reorganize existing functions as needed under the new IT Office.
  • Consider reorganizing other functions as needed to increase effectiveness.

Study Outcomes

  • Revised Organization Chart that optimized functions and aligned with the various strategic initiatives.
  • New MS Excel tool to help manage Business Plan activities as they relate to the various strategic goals and objectives.

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