Caltrans Drought Summit

The purpose of the Drought Summit was to discuss the impact of the ongoing drought on Caltrans’ landscape assets and identify and develop action plans to meet these challenges. The Caltrans Drought Summit included a number of presentations by Caltrans personnel and representatives from the California Department of Water Resources.  This was followed by a number of group activities focused on guiding headquarters and district participants in discussing key issues; identifying potential solutions, and then crafting drought action plans.  Participants included: HQ Maintenance, HQ Landscape Architect Support & Planning, HQ Landscape Architect Standards & Procedures, District Landscape Architects, District Landscape Specialists, District Water Managers.

Prior to the summit they facilitated, VMS conducted a SWOT analysis to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to the impact of the drought. During the summit, teams brainstormed to identify potential solutions. Groups were organized by Districts, then reorganized to share ideas cross-district. Each District developed a Drought Action Plan detailing their approach to managing the drought. The participants then discussed implementation considerations for their action plans. These items included finishing the District Drought Action Plans, developing a statewide Drought Action Plan, gaining District Executive Management support and understanding ongoing follow-up. 

Study Objectives

  • Discuss the impact of the ongoing drought on Caltrans’ landscape assets.
  • Identify and develop action plans to meet the current challenges. 

Study Outcomes

  • District Drought Action Plans.
  • Energy for follow-up items.
  • Enhanced communication and shared vision between Districts in relation to handling the challenges caused by the ongoing drought.

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