Caltrans District 8 Strategic Direction

Caltrans District 8 recognized the need and benefit of a strategic direction to set a foundation for a clear path for the future.  The plan would address opportunities and challenges through tangible goals, objectives, strategies, actions, and implementation plans. The plan would also allow for input from all District employees, external stakeholders, and key headquarters staff.  It would be structured to support the Caltrans Strategic Management Plan and newly minted mission, vision, and goals.

The D8 Strategic Direction initiative was based upon Executives and a multi-discipline team working together towards developing a five-year plan for the District.  VMS conducted a one-day Culture Change workshop with Executive staff and 15 values workshops throughout the District with all personnel, stakeholder interviews, and multiple planning workshops to generate a full understanding of the current state, and desired future state, of the District. The three technical committee workshops were organized into three sections: Where are we now, Where do we want to be, and How do we get there.

Study Objectives

  • Develop a 5-year Strategic Direction for District 8, taking into consideration workplace/morale, partnerships, efficiency, resource management, sustainability, safety, recognition, communication, and innovation. 

Study Outcomes

  • Created a profile for District 8 to better understand the current and desired culture.
  • Developed a District 8 purpose statement to guide the Strategic Direction.
  • Developed six specific Goal statements to guide the Strategic Direction.
  • Clarified six strategic issues to address.

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