California Bridges & Structures Strategic Direction

An aging infrastructure, inadequate funding, competing interests and stakeholders, population growth, legislative mandates and changing transportation needs created an environment where the State of California had to ensure that individuals and organizations involved in the delivery and management of bridges and structures collaborate effectively. This strategic planning initiative focused on developing a Strategic Direction that would focus on improving mobility in California by delivering and managing bridges and structures that are safe, durable and cost-effective, through leadership, innovation, and efficient delivery. The Strategic Direction effort centered on long-term, cost-effective and sustainable strategies to address design, construction, management, tools and resources, innovation, and quality and risk management.

The Project Sponsors and Steering Committee worked together with a VMS to craft a project charter. A kick-off meeting was held to orient the Technical Committee to the project charter and primary challenges. The Technical Committee, comprised of key internal stakeholders, met for three, one-day workshops to (1) review data, develop a mission, vision and values, identify strategic issues and goals, (2) brainstorm and evaluate strategic functions, and define objectives and action items, and (3) develop a draft Strategic Direction to be reviewed by the Project Sponsors and Steering Committee.

Study Objectives

  • Draft a Strategic Direction to improve mobility in California by delivering and managing bridges and structures that are safe, durable and cost-effective through leadership, innovation and efficient delivery.

Study Outcomes

  • Identified and prioritized 12 strategic objectives that directly address existing Caltrans strategic goals.
  • Identified 25 strategies to achieve the stated objectives.
  • Developed performance-based metrics for tracking progress towards strategic objectives.

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