Sound Transit ST3 Programmatic Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Workshop Conducted for Potential ST3 Projects


Sound Transit 3 (ST3) represents the next set of mass transit investments that was presented to Washington State voters in ballot measure in November of 2016.

Sound Transit planned to release a draft ST3 plan for public viewing in spring 2016. Public input would help shape the final ballot measure that would go out to voters.

As part of this process, Sound Transit conducted a risk assessment and cost estimate validation workshop during which 30 projects were selected for presentation, assessment and risk quantification.

Role & Duration
  • OBJECTIVERisk Assessment
  • TEAM48 Workshop Participants

The Objective

  • Review candidate projects in an effort to provide information that will assist decision makers with assembling the program suite of projects for the ST3 ballot measure
  • Develop a shared level of individual project-scope understanding among the participants
  • Identify, validate, analyze and quantify project risks as they relate to cost and schedule
  • Improve the level of confidence in the project cost information
risks identified
projects assessed

The Solution

  • Our team’s qualitative risk assessment identified a total of 275 risks across the 30 candidate ST3 portfolio projects
  • VMS published and distributed these findings to the team using individual project risk summary sheets

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