Sound Transit IDS Operability Assessment

Value Study on Single Track Operations for East Link Tie-In


Sound Transit’s mission is to plan, build and operate mass transit service throughout the central Puget Sound region.  The East Link Extension is a key element in the transit system approved by voters in 2008, and this study includes the connection of the East Link Extension to the International District Station (IDS).

The goal of this project was to develop an Operations Plan, a Safety, Security & Crowd Control Plan and a Communications Plan to be utilized during Single Tracking activities.

Additional objectives include identification of pre-Single Tracking activities and to start development of a Safety & Security Certifications Plan.

  • OBJECTIVEOperability Assessment
  • TEAM25 Core Team Members

The Objective

  • Safely maintain the activity of transit operations for public use through Single Tracking operations during construction
  • Accommodate and coordinate the public, staff and stakeholders involved, maintaining a positive passenger experience and schedule
daily passengers
weeks of construction

The Solution

  • The value study team developed three draft reports including an Operations Plan, a Safety Security, & Crowd Control Plan, and a Communication Plan to be utilized during Single Tracking activities
  • A list of pre-Single Tracking activities was developed as well as the beginnings of a Safety & Security Certifications Plan
  • The value study team developed 96 alternatives to be incorporated in the draft plans.

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