The Value of Thinking Before You Post

Loose lips may have sunk ships, but with today’s social media landscape, loose tweets can sink fleets.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and VMS would like to share some of the social media safety practices our employees use to help ensure the security of vital information.

Social media can be a double-edged sword, while it allows us to share more information and at a more rapid pace, it is also those same features that increase possible operations security risks. People, especially those who work with critical data, need to be careful about what they tweet or post. VMS encourages our team to:

  • Think smartly about what you post or share online. Remember that anyone can see what you write, so be careful what you disclose about your family and occupation.
  • Remember to use privacy settings to help protect your personal information.
  • Remember to turn off location features from your devices and posts so others cannot track you or where you are working
  • Double check before connecting to any public wireless hotspots to ensure that the network is legitimate

By taking a few moments to think before you post, you can help ensure that your information, and your company’s information, stays secure.