What is value leadership?

Value leadership means integrating the Value Methodology into our core technique to help our clients optimize the projects, products, and services they deliver. It means offering the framework to solve virtually any problem and optimize the value of any project. It means being structured specifically to address managing, planning, coordinating, facilitating, and documenting comprehensive value improvement studies. It means managing:

Each VA/VE study facilitated by VMS follows the six-phase, sequential Value Methodology Job Plan – Information, Function, Speculation, Evaluation, Development, and Presentation. (VMS adds a seventh phase: Implementation.) Integral to this process is VMS’s Value Metrics process, which emphasizes the interrelationship between cost and performance and can be quantified and compared in terms of how they contribute to overall value.

We use industry-leading tools and techniques, including our internally-developed VMSPro® software, to clearly analyze and communicate uncertainties and risks to our clients. Our capabilities with various types of qualitative and quantitative risk modeling helps our clients truly understand the probabilities, impacts and risk exposure so that they can better respond to risks, manage and deliver their programs and projects.

Value Metrics provides a standardized means of identifying, defining, evaluating and measuring performance. Once this has been achieved and costs for all value alternatives have been developed, measuring value is a relatively simple matter.

Decision Analysis:
VMS’s decision analysis work is a multi-step process that assists our clients in addressing and appraising important choices for their organizations. VMS uses a proprietary software platform and well-honed facilitation techniques to facilitate communication, validate, refine and optimize alternatives, improve value and establish the framework for continued success.

Our team brings expert knowledge in cost estimating based on effective best practices from the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International and the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA). We use our experience and proven methods to create cost estimates for all stages and phases of project delivery.

Economic Modeling:
VMS experts provide a holistic picture to leaders and decisions makers by informing them of key data and information that drives markets. We routinely develop escalation studies, forecast models, and conduct financial reporting and analysis to support our clients in the effective and efficient delivery of their programs and projects.

VMS provides specialized, specifically tailored group trainings. VMS knows how to prepare content, engage participants, and train individuals of all backgrounds to successfully apply new tools and techniques to their business through methods such as proof of concepts, piloting, and beta testing.

It means knowing when each of these is necessary to optimize value. 

That’s value leadership, and that’s VMS.