Baltimore District US Army War College, General Instruction Building

This $98M Design-Build project constructed a new primary academic facility to provide modernized educational and support space to US Army War College. The facility provides its premier strategic-level Professional Military Education that instructs its leaders in the study of command, leadership, and contemporary strategic doctrine, including cyber threats, irregular warfare, and terrorism. The VE study used a multi-faceted, integrated approach to improving project value, which included cost estimate validation, quantitative risk assessment and the traditional elements of a top-notch VE study. 

Study Objectives

  • Identify opportunities for improved project value.
  • Validate the design approach for achieved command educational objectives.
  • Provide ideas on how the facility will address and adapt to future changes. 

Study Outcomes

  • The VE team developed 23 alternatives and 42 design suggestions out of over 180 ideas brainstormed. The team then selected 19 VE alternatives as their recommended Value Strategy, which had the potential to save the project roughly $13.8M in initial project costs.
  • The VE team also developed a list of ideas that could be used as “project opportunities” directly related to the desires of the project stakeholders and end users to provide a facility that will maintain its place at the forefront of the educational technology horizon.
  • VEO and end users stated they considered the effort by VMS and the work of the entire VE team to represent the “Gold Standard” of VE. The Chief of Engineering has recognized the project as a notable achievement for VE, and USACE Baltimore will be using the process and results generated by this study as a model for implementing Risk-Integrated Value Studies in the District.

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