About Us

At Value Management Strategies, Inc. (VMS), we help our clients make decisions and invest resources to Optimize the Value of their projects, processes, services, facilities, and organizations.

We are North America’s largest firm specializing exclusively in value management, which ranges from focusing on project controls to helping organizations improve their effectiveness through programs and software.  The VMS team is comprised of trained facilitators, project controls specialists experienced in a wide variety of value-improving tools and techniques that are equipped with the leadership capabilities needed to get the results our clients need. 

We serve clients across the globe and in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, utilities, government, design & construction, and many others.

Our clients know that VMS delivers the results they demand.

Our services include:

–  Value Management

–  Organization Development & Effectiveness

–  Project Controls

–  Risk Management

–  Software Development

–  Training