VMS Services

About Us

The people at VMS are passionate about value improvement and we strive to personify this by continuously improving our professional capabilities and the value we provide to our clients. We are North America’s largest firm specializing exclusively in value management and risk management. VMS staff are trained facilitators and team leaders, knowledgeable in a wide variety of value improving techniques and experienced in the leadership needed to get the results our clients need.

Our clients include federal, state and local public agencies; private engineering and architectural firms; and domestic and global corporations in manufacturing, services, and technology. Our people and our processes deliver timely results whether you’re looking for improving the value of a product or process; developing a focused strategic improvement plan; creating a value or risk management program; achieving stakeholder consensus on a project; or gaining understanding for the uncertainty and risk within a project.

Our mission is to develop excellence in our clients by maximizing the value of their projects, products, and processes.