VMS President Rob Stewart on the intersection of Project Management and Value

Rob Stewart was recently invited to discuss value management and its role in project management for an episode of the PM Point of View Podcast, produced by the Washington DC Chapter of PMI®. In it, he talks about his impressions of the pressures imposed on project managers to deliver projects while juggling various project constraints.

Rob describes how project managers drive value, but aren’t always the ultimate decision-maker. “Project managers tend to be champions of projects, but they may not always be in the right position to challenge the basic premise of a project,” he says. “We don’t ask why enough; we assume we understand why, when we really don’t.”

Value management – including value engineering, risk management, and performance management – offers a bridge between competing elements and stakeholders to deliver projects.

“You need a balanced platform to make informed decisions and to get the various stakeholders in alignment,” Rob says, “and that’s where value management plays a central role.”

Click to listen to the full PM Point of View Podcast episode, and contact us if you’d like to continue the discussion on how value management is critical to overall project management.