VMS President Rob Stewart lends his voice in new video on Value Engineering

Rob Stewart, President at VMS, was asked to contribute to SAVE International‘s® short video presentation on the history of Value Engineering and how it can be utilized to create better projects, products, and business processes. “It focuses on the concept of functions. So rather than thinking about what things are, we think about what things do.” This is the core of VMS’s business practice and something we incorporate into our services for every one of our clients, whether in the public sector or the private sector. “That’s where the opportunity is:  to find ways to deliver the basic functions in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Rob also spoke on the value of membership in SAVE International®, which certifies each of VMS’s Certified Value Specialists (CVS®) and Designated Value Associates (DVA®). “[It] is the preeminent organization in the world that… establishes standards for practice, provides educational training, provides a forum for practitioners and organizations that engage in Value Engineering activities to exchange information, to share information and knowledge, and to find ways to enhance the methodology and enhance the profession.”