Value Leadership Compass

Our passion for value keeps our clients coming back to VMS for support and direction in achieving their goals. At its core, VMS uses Value Methodology to help our clients improve the value of the projects, products, and services they deliver. The value framework demands attention to performance, cost, time, and risk and aligns these to customer priorities. It’s this framework that can solve virtually any problem and optimize the value of any project. Let us help guide you in the direction of success for your project, process, or organization.

The continued success of our value studies is founded on the ability of our people to create an effective environment for large and small group communications. VMS is accustomed to working with projects that involve stakeholders representing a myriad of entities including military, public municipality, regulatory, and project management. Conflicting agendas and miscommunication are commonplace in such settings, and VMS is expert in providing a structural framework for these challenges to be transformed into opportunities that deliver improved value for the specific project or program as a whole. Our facilitators are trained in a variety of tools and techniques, but at the heart of this are the core facilitation skills of active listening and Socratic questioning. Our staff is accustomed to transitioning between the roles of facilitation, project management, and technically-versed communicator as the situation dictates.

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