The VMS Approach

To truly improve and optimize a project, our clients benefit most from a holistic approach of analysis and assessment of all of the factors in the VMS approach. This is what allows VMS to deliver solutions that can optimize the value of their projects and business.

VMS services and techniques are structured to address all or any part of the value optimization process and designed to assist at any time from project planning through implementation.

All projects, regardless of their type, have a reason for their existence. This is often referred to as the need for the project. The approach to satisfying the need is referred to as the purpose. The scope of the project is based directly on its need and purpose. How well the scope satisfies the need and purpose reflects its overall performance, which can be measured and evaluated.  These factors all influence the time it will take to deliver the project. All of these factors combine to influence and ultimately determine the cost.  However, because we cannot predict the future, the ultimate outcome of a project’s performance, cost and time cannot be considered deterministically. Therefore, we must consider all of these critical project factors probabilistically under the conditions of uncertainty and risk.