Value Optimization

Value is composed of four elements, each of which asks an important question:
How well? How much? How long? How certain?
Value optimization requires answers to these questions in the form of good alternatives to choose from.

The broad range of services that VMS provides supports our clients in optimizing the value of the projects, goods, and services that they deliver. VMS services and techniques are structured to address all or any part of the value optimization process and designed to assist at any point in time from project planning through implementation.

In order to optimize value, decisions must be made that balance performance, time, cost, and the related risks and uncertainties of these factors in the decision process. As management consultants, we have found that the Value Methodology has the best core tools to optimize the value of our clients’ projects, processes, services and organizations.  In addition, we integrate risk management, value analysis and value measurement, performance analysis and performance measurement, financial modeling and financial analysis, decision analysis, cost estimate validation and cost estimate management, and training into our services to assist our client’s improving the value of their organization’s projects and services.